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How To Pick The Right Kayak Paddle

How To Pick The Right Kayak Paddle


Choosing the right kayak paddle will is very important because it has an impact on your kayaking adventure and experience. A paddle fitting your paddling style will increase enjoyment, and reduce the risk of injury and fatigue. In order to pick the right kayaking paddle, there are several questions to answer yourself: What is your kayaking style? What style of paddling are you going to use? How tall are you? How wide is your kayak? Now let’s talk in-depth about picking a paddle in order to find the perfect one.

Paddle styles
There are two types of paddle styles – low and high angle. A low angle to keep the paddle in a parallel position to the water. For this reason, it is well suited to relaxing kayaking activities, such as fishing, touring, recreation or sea kayaking. A high angle is more aggressive and therefore suitable for professional kayakers paddling in rough water

Finding a perfect paddle length
The length of the paddle depends on the width of a kayak. The kayaks used for fishing and recreation, for example, are usually wider and therefore require longer paddles. The kayaks made for touring and rough water have better performance and efficiency, so they are narrower. They need shorter paddles.

Choosing a blade shape
There is a longer thinner blade and wider stubbier one. A longer blade requires less physical effort to pull through the water, by making it perfect for touring and relaxing recreational experience on the water. A wider blade is designed for high angle paddling. It is well suited for rough water conditions and aggressive, powerful paddling.

Choosing between feathered and non-feathered paddle
A feathered paddle is the type of a paddle where all blades are at various angles. The advantage of a feathered paddle is that it helps a kayaker to get in the best position for better power, efficiency, and speed. A non-feathered paddle is characterized by the same angle for both blades of the paddle. This type of paddle is a perfect choice for beginners or paddlers with wrist injuries.

Deciding on the price
The price of a paddle depends on the material first of all. The cheapest material is plastic that is not very durable and won’t last long enough. Plastic paddles are recommended to beginners and those paddlers who do fishing and recreational kayaking. Composites are more expensive and much more durable. However, the best performing and also the most expensive is carbon-fiber. Paddles made of carbon-fiber are usually created for professional kayaking on high waters.
It is recommended to determine and decide in advance how much you are ready to spend on a paddle. If you need a basic one, then it will cost you no more $100. However, professional kayakers looking for a high-quality and durable paddle with great performance and efficiency should be ready for a much higher price – at least $400.

Hopefully, now you know how to pick the right paddle to fully enjoy your experience on water. We wish you happy paddling. 

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