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Catch A Wave With These Top US Surfing Spots

Catch A Wave With These Top US Surfing Spots


Surfing has been one of the oldest and the most active Sports activity across the world. It is to this day, one of the best total body workout activities for all men and women of all age groups. Just by surfing the whole day, it will bring you closer to nature, give you an awesome tan, and its reward is simply you having fun. Throughout the US, there are a ton of cool US Surfing spots to go to with their super bonuses. You can travel more and cross a few things off your bucket list. Here are a few you will like.

One of these cool places you wouldn’t think surfing happens, is Yakutat, Alaska. When people think of Alaska, they only think of icebergs, birds in tuxedos, snowboarding/skiing, and very cold weather. However, this location has been known to be one of the greatest surfing frontiers. Think about, you’re surfing while having a snow mountain as your backdrop. How cool is that?. Recommended gear is required to give you insulation to keep you warm. Fitness enthusiast along with outdoor adventures will take away a lot from surfing the capital of Alaska.

One of the best parts about learning how to surf is that it will teach you patience with a side of confidence. How many people around you that you frequently have a conversation with the know-how to surf?. Not a lot. Time to make our way to a well-known location in Hawaii. On O’ahu’s North Shore, you have the Banzai Pipeline, Waimea Bay, and Sunset Beach where the waves can go up to 50 feet depending on the season. The locals that live in these areas can’t wait to wake up in the morning to simply surf the waves in these locations.

How awesome is that? If that doesn’t boost your excitement for traveling, meeting nature, and fitness than hearing about it will. In Paia located in Maui, a well-known surfing spot by the name of Ho’okipa beach park, you will see kite surfers, windsurfers, and a great spot for all surfer around the world that visit. The best part about this location is the scenic experience it gives you. Great for homeowners who are looking for a new experience to capture and put in their homes. Lots of selfies and slowfies.

Time to take you to surfing spot you did not expect to exist. Here comes Texas, specifically North Jetty, Jamaica Beach, and South Padre Island. These three particular areas are for those who are more advanced at their surfing experience but still friendly to those who want to improve on catching more waves. You don’t need to wear wetsuits either which is always a plus. These three particular beaches in Texas will give you reliable and well-formed waves all your year-round that will not disappoint you.

At long last, we are making our way to California. Two particular spots in California to catch awesome waves are called San Clemente, and Encinitas. The best takeaway from visiting these locations is the culture they leave you with. In San Clemente, they have their very own exhibit that tells you the history of how the surfboard has evolved from when it was created to what it currently looks like. In Encinitas, you will encounter laid-back locals. The best part about going to Encinitas it has a meditation garden and it has a surf school called the Leucadia surf school. These US surfing spots have a strong surf culture and are very friendly to all beginner level surfing to advance level surface.

Say goodbye to California and hello to Cocoa Beach, Florida. This surf spot has waves for all levels and quite literally all levels. The waves that this surf spot gives you are more relaxed. Great for those who are starting. The best part about this surf location is that it is home to the world-famous surfer, Kelly Slater. Riding the same waves he did will make you want to ride them again and again. This particular surf area has hosted a lot of surf competition that began since the late 1940s. It is also home to the first Ron Jon Surf Shop. The locals will give you plenty of tips and spots to go catch some awesome waves.

Embark from Florida and head up north to Newport Oregon. One particular area to catch your wave experience is located at the Devil Punchbowl State Natural Area. You should be aware of the tides in this area simply because when it’s low, you can explore the sea caves. Best not to get caught in those caves when the tides are mid-high. When you bear witness to the tides going from low to high, it is an amazing experience seeing the water entering the large bowl that was carved into the rock formation. Plus you may or may not encounter whales lurking in the area when you’re out and about surfing. So keep a lookout for free willy.

By the end of the day, these US Surfing spots are always going to be fun for anyone who starts. As you continue along your journey, you will come to respect the ocean and the planet more. When surfing, you rely on the tides to give you an excellent wave experience as well as be a witness to first-hand pollution. The number of people you’ll encounter will have you wanting to explore the culture more. You will also find great solitude during your surfing frontier and its great release. 

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