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The Top Canoes Of 2020

The Top Canoes Of 2020

Gliding over the water in a canoe is one of the most peaceful experiences one can do. Not only is it peaceful and relaxing, but the whole family can also enjoy it. Buying canoes can be difficult since so many on the market. With several options in the 2020 market, buying canoes seems difficult. It is best to think about the use of what is best for you. Do you need portability, comfort or reliability and stability? Hopefully, this list can help you decide. It is hard to go wrong with Old Town as they have been around since 1898 and are highly reliable.

However, there are a lot of portable and inflatable options that might meet your needs as well, it is all about what you would like to do. So, let’s look at some great choices to help you buy and why.

Old Town 133
This is one of the best options on the market currently. The top weight it can hold is nine hundred pounds. With that in mind, it can hold a family of three easily. It uses a cleverly centered carrying yoke, which allows one person to carry it. That allows the lone adventurist to use it easily, due to its lightweight of 95 pounds. On top of that, it is very comfortable. The seats have added comfort and are overall contoured better. With the added support of backrests, it is extremely stable in the water if tipping is a concern for you.

Old Town Discovery 119 Solo
This one, as hinted in the name, is for a single person. If solo adventures are your thing, the Discovery 119 might be the best choice for you. Extremely light at 49 pounds, one person could easily carry it to the river or lake. It is lengthy as well, reaching 11 feet in length. If solo trips are your thing, this is worth looking into, as fishing and camping could easily be done with this canoe as your means of travel.

Sevylor Ogden 2-person
This one is particularly interesting. Not only is it capable of carrying two people, but it is also inflatable. Even lighter than the Discovery 119, at 42 pounds, this could be a great addition for a camping trip. Since it is inflatable, you can store it easily as well. It uses a PVC construction and is rated for no leaks. On top of the construction material, the seats are also adjustable, making it even more versatile.

Old Town Saranac 146
With Old Town’s reliability, it’s hard to go wrong with buying one. The Saranac 146 is a great two-seater canoe that is capable of holding 750 pounds.

Its extra width makes it difficult to capsize, and it uses a flat bottom to ensure stability.

The Saranac 147 has backrests on the seats and cup holders within it and is very capable of lasting long on the water. With great comfort and reasonable storage, it also utilizes a six-inch dry storage hatch, so electronics can stay safe from the water.

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