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Camping In The Rain Is Easier Than You Think

Camping In The Rain Is Easier Than You Think


Any camping aficionado has planned a camping trip with expectations of hiking, swimming, and grilling only to have the sky darken with rain. All plans of throwing a frisbee, trekking up a mountainside, or lying near a lake are obliterated. Frustration abounds…

Fortunately, there’s no need to throw in the towel. Plenty of activities still exist even when the weather projects a steady, unceasing shower. With a slight change in plans, fun is still possible:

1. Plan ahead.
Whether camping in an RV or a tent, it’s important to plan and pack for unfavorable weather. Simple board games are a great way to pass the time while avoiding devices. This seems obvious, but it’s amazing how often board games are easily forgotten. Even a simple deck of cards takes up little space yet offers a myriad of options.

2. Learn the local culture.
Whether camping near a well known city or a tiny, barely populated town, there are always indoor opportunities to enjoy the area. By spending a few minutes searching with any number of apps available, it’s easy to find local restaurants, museums, indoor water parks, and more. Additionally, many state parks have nature centers with volunteers who are aching to explain the history of the park as well as their knowledge of the local wildlife.

3. Speaking of wildlife…
Yes, sunny days are more desirable for obvious reasons; however, rainy days offer a glimpse of nature rarely seen in many cases. Because of lower temperatures and darkness, animals are more likely to venture from hiding. These animals include small amphibians like toads to larger mammals like deer or bears. Additionally, less people are likely to be out, so it’s possible to see some rare wildlife.

4. Take photos.
Any photographer will agree that cloud cover makes better photos. There’s something about the lighting that promotes beautiful photographs that are impossible during bright weather. It can be a bit daunting to bring an expensive camera in the rain, but even a cell phone can take amazing photos and easily be covered with a waterproof case. Consider experiencing number 3 without a camera!

5. Just grin and bear it.
Simply put on the poncho and get outside. Although a bit more challenging, it’s still possible to grill food, throw a football, and just play in the mud. There are also many newfangled camping gadgets available that make camping fun in any weather. Many people still kayak, boat, and even fish in the rain claiming certain fish are more likely to bite.

While it may be easier to simply cancel or pack up a camping trip because of a little precipitation, fun can still abound with an open mind and some creative thinking. So grab that deck of cards, or learn about what’s local. Fun is always available despite a little rain. 

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