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5 Strategies To Help Flush Out Chukar

5 Strategies To Help Flush Out Chukar


Traditionally confined to the rural areas of Asia and Europe, chukar can now be found in North America, too. In the United States, they tend to be found in the area around the Snake River with populations rapidly growing in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Their population is growing in other western states such as Nevada and Hawaii, too. One key to a successful chukar hunt is the ability to flush them out. Chukar hunters should consider these five strategies that will help flush chukars out.

1. Train Bird Dogs to Hunt for Them
A German Shorthair Pointer or Brittany Spaniel is the best dog to use for chukar hunting. These dogs help track down chukar and make it easier to flush them out. The key is to have the bird dogs trained well enough to not be too loud and to move slowly while searching for the birds. For anyone looking to get into chukar hunting, investing in trainable bird dogs bred from a reputable line is a must.

2. Start Hunting from the Top of A Hill
Hunting from the top of a hill can also increase the likelihood that hunters will be able to flush out chukar. The terrain in which these birds call home can at times be tough to traverse. If hunters start at the bottom of a hill, they sometimes make too much noise during their ascent. Starting at the top of a hill can make the hunt more successful.

3. Create Ridgelines if Hunting from Lower Levels
If hunting from lower levels, hunters should consider making ridgelines that can be created to help flush out even more birds. When hunters spot a large covey of the birds, they assemble rocks into a ridge barrier between them and the birds. This helps camouflage hunters even more, and it also can help keep the birds together prior to flushing them out.

4. Use A Chukar Call to Help Get Their Attention

Chukar hunting can be more successful when using a caller to get the birds’ attention and make them move. All kinds of great products have become available to make calls more realistic than ever. Calls are great tools hunters can use to help them flush out more chukars.

5. Remain Quiet and Move Slowly En Route
Chukars are very easily startled and frightened. Even the slightest movement can set them off. In order to have a successful hunt, hunters must be as quiet as possible, until all hunters are set in place to shoot the spotted chukars. On top of being quite, hunters must move very slowly as they approach areas where the birds have gathered in a group large enough to produce optimal results. In order for these birds to be flushed out to produce a successful hunt, noise and pace must be considered. 

No matter what strategy you use, be sure to employ at least one or two of them to ensure a successful hunting trip. 

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