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How To Find The Best Camping Spot For A Weekend Trip

How To Find The Best Camping Spot For A Weekend Trip


A weekend camping getaway can be the perfect escape from your busy life and may offer a tranquil disconnect from technology to reconnect with nature. It is important to consider a few pointers before packing up and heading out to your favorite national park. Doing a bit of research beforehand can help make sure you have the experience of your dreams. Here are a few tips to ponder.

Review the park’s policies and regulations
Once you’ve decided where you will spend your weekend camping trip, be sure to look up the rules and restrictions of the land. Most national parks have policies in place to help preserve wildlife and to keep our forests beautiful. Some examples of typical regulations include restrictions on pets, metal detectors, campfires, and alcoholic beverages.

Find flat ground
To get the best sleep at night, it is essential that you pitch your tent on flat ground that is free of rocks, rubble, roots and branches. Since this may pose as a challenge, it is sometimes a good idea to camp where others have camped before. However, you also want to avoid grounds that have been impacted by tread as to prevent your camp from floods. If it is just not possible to find a flat surface for your tent, be sure to stake it in a certain way that will have you sleeping with your head at the top of the slope.

Consider your surroundings
You’ll want to ensure that the area that you are camping in will be as safe as possible from accidents that could occur spontaneously. While trees can offer shade from the sun and protection from wind on your hiking trails, camping directly beneath trees can be dangerous due to falling branches and pine cones. Camping near a lone tree can pose a threat during a thunderstorm due to the likelihood of lightning strikes. Also, steer clear of laying your camp in the path of avalanches or rock-slides if you come upon them along your hiking trails. On a similar note, be sure not to build a campfire below trees or overhanging branches.

Stake your tent
When it comes to securing your tent, you cannot to wrong with staking it if the terrain permits. Tents are generally light-weight and are not particularly sturdy against the wind. Staking the tent is the best way to secure it into the ground to avoid the wind blowing it away, or from rolling down a hill while you sleep if you must pitch on a slope.

Consider access to water supply
It is a fantastic idea to camp near a water source, especially if you plan on fishing during your weekend camping trip. However, it is not recommended to camp so close to the water to where you must deal with heavy traffic areas or insects. It is also important to preserve natural waters and protect the natural ecosystem so everyone can continue fishing for years to come. So please do not put contaminants in or around the water source.

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