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The Different Types Of Camping Knives

The Different Types Of Camping Knives


Spending some time getting back in touch with nature? How about a little get away to enjoy fishing, fresh air and fresh cooked food over a fire? When nature calls you have to answer and this means you must pack all of the necessary equipment. Obviously you cannot go camping without a tent and sleeping bag. If you enjoy roughing it but with a bit more comfort then you may have a pop up camper or a RV to accommodate your entire family. It doesn’t matter how you get to the camp site but what does matter is what you bring with for your rest and relaxation.

What To Pack When You Go Camping:

  • Something to sleep in or on
  • Topical products like bug spray and sun block
  • Fresh bottled water; a jug of water works fine
  • Food and beverages
  • Toilet paper and paper towels
  • Cooking essentials
  • Soap to wash dirty dishes
  • Good quality camping knives

The essentials that you use such as camping dishes, pans and a knife are very important. These should be high quality and durable to withstand being used outside and repeatedly. A camping knife will be ideal for many situations that arise while camping such as cutting rope, opening packages and even digging for something in the ground. What kind of knives are best though?

Camping Survival Knife
There are several brands of camping survival knives. One popular one is the Benchmade Bushcrafter because it is unaffected by water and features a strong grip. The handle is crafted with resin-soaked fiberglass and has a tandem design which makes it easy to grip with either hand. The stainless steel blade is curved can be used in dry or wet conditions. This is an all-around fantastic knife design for camping and backpacking. A bonus feature is that it comes with a leather sheath.

Pocket Knife
Pocket knives are designed with opening mechanisms that allow for fast opening. These are ideal in situations where you need a blade quickly. They stow easily in the carriers pocket and often also have a built in clip so they can attach to the fabric of the pocket. This prevents the user from having to dig deep in their pockets to find the knife since it is securely clamped in an easily accessible location.

Pro Outdoor Knife
Pro outdoor knives are multi feature knives that can be used for rafting, hunting, fishing and camping. Pro outdoor knives can be used wet or dry and have a anti slip grip design that is ideal for all situations. This knife will work for opening packages and cutting rope but it also can cut down small branches and clear a space for a campsite and it can filet a fish for dinner. This is a true multi-purpose outdoor style knife.

Folding Camping Knife
There are several types of folding camping knives. A popular favorite is the Benchmade Tanto Griptilian knife. Folding knives are smaller knives that fold in half and the blade is contained. These are versatile for simple tasks while camping. They are water proof and designed for both left and right handed users.

Get Camping
While there are dozens of types of knives these four offer features that any level of camper will appreciate. Water proof features that allow the knife to be used in any weather condition is ideal. It is also best to find an all-inclusive knife that can be used in the left or right hand for any situation that may arise. The rest of the features are up to the user and what their personal needs will be throughout the time spent outdoors. Once you find your favorite blade answer natures call and get some fresh air and relaxation.

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