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Prevent Wildfires With These Tips To Make Sure Your Campfire Is Out

Prevent Wildfires With These Tips To Make Sure Your Campfire Is Out


When you go camping in the woods, the chances of you building a campfire are pretty high. Fires at camp are a great source of heat on chilly nights, they are great as a light source as well as a source of safety in the event that you are staying around an area that is populated with wildlife and insects. It is very important to make sure that all fire sources are snuffed out before you leave your campsite so that the fire does not catch and spread into the trees and plants causing wildfires. There are some tips and tricks that you can follow in order to ensure that your campfire has been properly put out before you leave the campsite:

1. Make sure you take every opportunity to snuff out the fire by pouring water over the flames, ashes, cinders and anything else that may be glowing red or orange. These glowing pieces are likely very hot and can re-catch fire if something lands on the glowing piece. The basic rule is that, if the piece is hot to the touch then it is too hot to leave. If you do decide to check these pieces with your fingers, be sure to be gentle and to make every attempt to not burn yourself. Make sure you wait plenty of time after drowning the fire before you make an attempt to check it for heat.

2. In the event that there are low hanging tree branches that are over your campsite, it is important that you trim these back before you even light your fire. Any stray ashes or cinders  have the potential to catch that tree on fire and from there, the fire has the potential to grow and spread throughout the other plants and flammable surfaces. Tall grass around a campsite can also have a potential to spread fires. It is a good idea to also trim all of that in order to prevent the spread of fires.

3. Make sure you only make fires will the appropriate materials. If you put flammable items in the fire it is possible that they will catch other things on fire. Make sure there are no large piles of wood of large tanks full of flammable products near the fire place.

4. Be aware of windy days. It is never a good idea to build an outside fire if it is a windy day or if you are expecting the wind to pick up. Wind can work against you when you are trying to keep the fire under control. The wind has the potential to pick up items from the fire and carry them elsewhere but it also has the ability to pick up light items from other places and dragging them into the fire. From that point on, these items can be dragged out of the fire and into the natural flammable items and creating wildfires. 

Be safe and never leave a campfire unless you absolutely know that it is completely out. 

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