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Top 10 Bass Fishing Lakes In Texas

Top 10 Bass Fishing Lakes In Texas


Fishing is a huge part of the culture in Texas as it is home to dozens of rivers and thousands of large lakes that are perfect for every fisherman no matter their skill level. In addition, Texas has miles and miles worth of beaches where you can go and fish in the ocean. Fishing is clearly one of the most popular pastimes in Texas as there are so many opportunities to do it and one of the most popular types of fish to catch in the Lone Star State is bass. There are several large bass fishing lakes to choose from where you can enjoy a day out on the water. Below is a list of some of the most popular Texas bass fishing lakes that will offer amazing views and plenty of biting bass nibbling at the end of your pole.

Caddo Lake
This is a tranquil lake and one of the only natural lakes in all of Texas. It has a huge variety of fish with largemouth and white bass being the most prevalent. You will enjoy a full day of fishing with lots of fish to show for your efforts and beautiful natural surroundings to top it off.

Lake Texoma
This is a massive 89,000-acre lake that is known for its abundance of bass.

Lake Amistad
the 64,900 lake is 12 miles north of Del Rio and is considered an excellent place to fish for bass that is considered impressive in size as well as weight.

Lake Fork
This lake is known by many fishermen, both professional and those who fish just for fun, as the best place to go if you want to fish for bass specifically.

Lake O’ The Pines
Located in northeast Texas, there is ample vegetation around this lake which makes it a great place to fish as there is a huge diversity in the fish community with bass being one of the most prevalent in the water.

Cedar Creek Lake
Most popular for summertime fishing, this Fort Worth lake is ideal for bass fishermen who don’t want to have to travel far to reach a place where bass are plentiful.

Falcon Lake
There is a lot of water fluctuation and wind at this lake which can add an extra challenge to any fisherman who decides to fish here. However, it is still regarded as one of the best places to go fishing for largemouth bass in Texas.

Lake Conroe
You can get to this lake in less than an hour from Houston. It is best known for the catfish that you can catch here, but there is no shortage of bass that can be reeled in here as well. They are some of the best tasting bass because the lake is kept so clean.

Lake Buchanan
Popular for anglers who are going to fish specifically for striped and white bass. They are stocked well there and get very large!

O.H. Ivie Lake
THe west Texas lake is best known for always being stocked well with trophy-sized largemouth bass. 

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