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5 Reasons To Begin Wild Hog Hunting Today

5 Reasons To Begin Wild Hog Hunting Today


Wild boar hunting is growing in popularity. In fact, the sport ranks right up there with other hunting sports like deer and turkey hunting. Its rise to popularity can be attributed to many factors. Below are five reasons outdoor enthusiasts should start hunting hogs today.

1. Wild Hogs Wreak Havoc on Properties
Feral hogs can be very destructive to land. They dig into the ground and do not consider how those grounds are intended to be used. Farmers lose their crops, and manicured lawns become a mess. In larger areas inflicted by hogs, they can cause drainage issues flooding crops and cause land erosion.

Damage to property and land are not the only problems hogs cause. Deer and turkey populations are impacted, too. Hog hunting helps preserve food sources for deer, turkey, and other less invasive animals in addition to protecting land.

2. Hunters Help Control the Wild Boar Population
Another reason to start hunting hogs is to control the burgeoning wild hog population. Populations are growing in all regions, and feral boar populations are not just limited to traditional farm areas. Gone are the days when these annoying animals stayed confined to the Southern United States.

Throughout the U.S., there are approximately seven million wild pigs roaming and causing destruction. The majority of those hogs are still in Texas, but populations are indeed growing in other areas too. Hunters can help control and keep these growing numbers in check.

3. There Is More Access to Specialized Hunting Accessories
New gear designed to make hog hunting easier and safer than ever is now available. Product quality has improved and quantity has grown, making the sport more affordable. New technologies have also emerged to enhance the sport. No matter the time of day, there are now great accessories to make the pastime more enjoyable than ever. During the day or at night, hunters can get in on boar hunting. And more precise weaponry has made the sport more enjoyable, too.

4. Property Owners Are Increasingly Wanting It
There are several reasons that property owners are wanting more hog hunters out on their land. They understand the benefit of making their land available to hunters to protect the investment of their property.

Landowners want to see more deer and turkey return to their land. They want to make sure that farms throughout their community are protected. They also want to make sure that as much of the natural habitat as possible is kept intact. 

5. Hog Hunting Yields Excellent Food Options
While some might turn their nose up at the idea of enjoying wild hog as a food source, the popularity of the meat as a protein source has grown. It can be prepared and cooked in all kinds of nutritious and tasty ways.

When properly dressed and cooked, wild hog meat can turn into some very tasty bacon, burgers, and sausage. Chops and loins are tasty, and ground-up boar meat can be used in chilis, dips, tacos, and stews. 

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