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Making the Most of the Outdoors During Winter Months

  Those of us who enjoy the outdoors tend to get a little antsy when winter comes around, especially if we live in cold climates. Our beaches become frozen over, and swimming and boating are usually off the table. Camping becomes more difficult, and in many cases, just downright unpleasant without proper preparation. Hiking can also have the life taken out of it by frigid temperatures and dangerous conditions.  However, the outside lifestyle doesn’t have to be all doom-and-gloom during the winter months. The joy of a snowy winter wonderland can provide us with breathtaking beauty and entirely new opportunities for adventure...


5 Unique Bucket-list Ideas For Your Next Adventure

  If asked when is the best time to make a bucket-list, the answer should definitively be right now. When it comes to making one, you should add some unique once in a lifetime things people don't usually experience. Here are five of them that should be on everyone's bucket-list but aren't. Visiting Salar de Uyuni Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt flat in the world. Sure, salt flat may not sound appealing, but it's also called "Where Heaven meets Earth. During the rainy season, the flat is covered in a thin layer of water that reflects the sky. The reflection...


10 Of The World’s Most Notorious Whitewater Rapids

  Some people love to go river rafting once, just to have the experience. For example, they might go to the Grand Canyon on a group tour, then never do it again. Others are just like mountain climbers who want to experience the best and want to climb the Mount Everest's and the K2's of the world. If you are ready to tackle the biggest and baddest whitewater challenges of them all consider these top 10 challenging whitewater rapids. #10. Trishuli River Nepal, Himalayas Nestled between China and India, Nepal has 8 of the world's biggest mountains, and as every whitewater enthusiast...


How To Train For Your First Big Climb

  There are two main ways you can go in order to prepare for your first big climb, and those ways have the same basic principles. The first way is to head out into the wild and venture out on your own, perhaps with a friend. The second way is to learn to climb with a guide. Now, for people who don't like to take risks, the choice of whether to take the first step or take the second step for how to train for your first big climb may seem clear. For those who love being in the wilderness and who...


Tips For Safe And Fun Ice Climbing

  For many years, rock climbing and ice climbing were considered to be one in the same. Although the two are very similar, there are some key differences that separate the outdoor activities. Two of the main differences between ice and mountain climbing are climate and the use crampons. Eventually ice climbing caught onto the mainstream and became popular. Frozen waterfalls and other forms of dense ice are optimal choices for climbing. For those who enjoy mountaineering, knowing which climbing gear to use and safety precautions are important. Just like other forms of climbing, ice climbing is generally done in pairs. This...


Catch A Wave With These Top US Surfing Spots

  Surfing has been one of the oldest and the most active Sports activity across the world. It is to this day, one of the best total body workout activities for all men and women of all age groups. Just by surfing the whole day, it will bring you closer to nature, give you an awesome tan, and its reward is simply you having fun. Throughout the US, there are a ton of cool US Surfing spots to go to with their super bonuses. You can travel more and cross a few things off your bucket list. Here are a few...