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8 Incredible Scenic Camping Destinations

  There are camping sites, and then there are honest, "Now I can die a happy camper camping sites. Some are so spectacular you could return again and again and never go anyplace else. Here are a few of our all-time favorite bucket list sites: #8. Crater Lake National Park, Oregon Formed by the fall of a 12,000-foot volcano some 7,500 years ago, Crater Lake, is the deepest lake in the entire United States, with a depth of just over 1900 feet. This is likely the cleanest lake you have ever seen as well. The five-mile by six-mile lake has no rivers...


Prevent Wildfires With These Tips To Make Sure Your Campfire Is Out

  When you go camping in the woods, the chances of you building a campfire are pretty high. Fires at camp are a great source of heat on chilly nights, they are great as a light source as well as a source of safety in the event that you are staying around an area that is populated with wildlife and insects. It is very important to make sure that all fire sources are snuffed out before you leave your campsite so that the fire does not catch and spread into the trees and plants causing wildfires. There are some tips and...


The Different Types Of Camping Knives

  Spending some time getting back in touch with nature? How about a little get away to enjoy fishing, fresh air and fresh cooked food over a fire? When nature calls you have to answer and this means you must pack all of the necessary equipment. Obviously you cannot go camping without a tent and sleeping bag. If you enjoy roughing it but with a bit more comfort then you may have a pop up camper or a RV to accommodate your entire family. It doesn't matter how you get to the camp site but what does matter is what you...


How To Find The Best Camping Spot For A Weekend Trip

  A weekend camping getaway can be the perfect escape from your busy life and may offer a tranquil disconnect from technology to reconnect with nature. It is important to consider a few pointers before packing up and heading out to your favorite national park. Doing a bit of research beforehand can help make sure you have the experience of your dreams. Here are a few tips to ponder. Review the park’s policies and regulations Once you’ve decided where you will spend your weekend camping trip, be sure to look up the rules and restrictions of the land. Most national parks have policies...


Camping In The Rain Is Easier Than You Think

  Any camping aficionado has planned a camping trip with expectations of hiking, swimming, and grilling only to have the sky darken with rain. All plans of throwing a frisbee, trekking up a mountainside, or lying near a lake are obliterated. Frustration abounds...