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Top 10 Bass Fishing Lakes In Texas

  Fishing is a huge part of the culture in Texas as it is home to dozens of rivers and thousands of large lakes that are perfect for every fisherman no matter their skill level. In addition, Texas has miles and miles worth of beaches where you can go and fish in the ocean. Fishing is clearly one of the most popular pastimes in Texas as there are so many opportunities to do it and one of the most popular types of fish to catch in the Lone Star State is bass. There are several large bass fishing lakes to choose...


What Kind Of Fishing Line Do I Need To Use?

  What kind of fishing line do I need to use is a very common question among fisherman. And the type of line truty depends a lot on what you are fishing for. If you are fly fishing in a stream in Montana, you don't expect to hook an 1,800 lbs marlin with 80 lb test line. You want to catch trout, not marlin. So fishing line primarily depends upon what you are hoping to catch. If you are fly fishing for trout, you'll want to use a fly attached to a tippet, a tippet being virtually invisible to the fish. For...


The Soft Baits That Catch More Fish

  Soft baits, small plastic fish enticers that resemble minnows, grubs, worms and frogs are very popular for fishermen, and for good reason. One is the cost. You can buy a dozen night crawlers at a bait shop for around $4, but you have to keep buying them over and over, or you can buy a soft bait worm or action tail grub for around the same price, and use it for three to five years. And if you use something like blood worms, the savings are even more. Soft baits come in many different styles. In general, there are worm styles...


Top 6 Places To Catch Red Drum Fish

  Whether you call them red drum fish, redfish, puppy drum, or spot-tail bass, red drum fish are a common species that are found inshore around the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic coasts. For those who aren’t as familiar with this species, there are some key characteristics to spot a redfish. Reds are dark red on the back, and the red color fades to white on its belly. The most unique mark on the fish is a large black spot on the top area of the tail. Some reds may have multiple spots, but it is very rare to find a...


Check Out The Top Fly-Fishing Rods Of 2020

  Fly fishing can be tricky to get the hang of, but once you do it you will quickly fall in love with the sport. It can be a lot of fun, though you have to have a lot of patience for it, which never goes as well as planned unless you have the right rod. Without a good rod, fly fishing is extremely difficult and you end up with more broken rods than you do fish. Below are the top-rated fly fishing rods for 2020 that are a great price and have great durability so you can enjoy your sport...